Basic Information

The Magnus Combine was born out of a Military Robotics company merger a few decades after the Scream. They quickly grew to power due to functional and advanced factories they came into possession of, allowing unmatched production at a cheap and affordable price. Later in the companies life it branched out into security systems, personal and vehicle weapons/armor, Warships and even a highly trained and motivated army for hire. Nowadays they make their base in orbit around Puron, working to find new technology to implement into their product line.


The culture of the Combine is that of strict professionalism from its employees when engaged in serious matters or research, as well as absolute and unwavering loyalty to the company. Employees live entirely for the Combine, and in return are given luxurious accommodations, pay and bonuses. This is mainly due to the fact that all manual labor and simple jobs have been given to V.I., leaving only management or research positions left. As such even the lowest member of the corporate staff have at least one V.I. assistant installed in a robotic frame to perform anything instructed for their master.

The only area where this is not the case is in the Private Military arm of the Combine. They started much the same attitude wise, admittedly with a more spartan and training intensive lifestyle. However this discipline eventually began to slip, as they found their foes to be far far below the level of equipment, training and physical prowess. As such they have become increasingly jovial, less serious and simply work for fun and sport.

Military Forces

The Forces of the Combine are divided into 3 sections, the Marine Corps, the Automated Support Corps, and the Vehicle Corps.

Marine Corps

The Marine Corps are a dedicated force of Storm Troopers, Commandos and general bad asses. Basic equipment is often at the least an Assault Suit, Mag Rifle and half a dozen grenades. They form the heart and soul of the military, as well as 90% of the propaganda

Automated Support Corps

This part of the military is made entirely of automated Warbots, support V.I. providing intelligence, and automated drop pods for re-supply and re-arming. This section of the military is also the one that takes 90% of all casualties

Vehicle Corps

This is all warships, fighters, bombers, transport craft, grav-tanks, APCs, scout bikes and Mechs, all of which are distributed across a war front and given to other commanding officers to control. They also often cause 90% of the damage to areas the Combine is fighting in