Lotoxol are a mostly humanoid and insectiod race, who stand around 5-6 ft tall, with two legs, two large pincer arms and two smaller manipulator arms beneath them. Their heads are similar to a beetles, but with a second set of smaller eyes in between their other pair. The Lotoxol are collectivist, so much so that many believe they have a hive mind when in fact they all have individual minds. They generally live apart from humans in large settlements in the middle of nowhere, with large hives spread out over a large area underground. They prefer this isolation and quiet, as they are constantly occupied with intellectual pursuits of philosophy, and very little else. There are few references to the Lotoxol from Pre-Scream data resources, but there are quite a few references to Quezkoxol, which seem very similar in biology and were terrifying raiders that took humans as a fine delicacy. If there is an actual connection between the two is unknown,