Modern Aliens

These are the Aliens that are around now, are known to people in the Sector, and still growing and active on the galactic or sector stage.

Alien Race Short Description
Hochog A humanoid, porcine, and porcupinesque race of nomadic warrior
Yaagh A race of large, furred, highly psychic aliens from the world of Sigrid
Grist Arachnoid and scietifically minded Aliens that migrate through the sector every 10 years
Kavanti A race of humanoid raiders constantly attacking Sporleda, with primitive relatives on Atiya
Lotoxol A race of humanoid insects on Abbas, focused entirely on philosophy and who may be related to terrifying raiders from humanities past

Past Aliens

These are the races that are extinct or nearly extinct and be rare or in hiding, but most of all must no longer be an active player on the galactic or sector stage

Alien Race Short Desription
Deicoon Spire Builders An unknown race responsible for the shielding spires sunk deep into Deicoons core, that reach high into the sky and protect the world from the suns powerful EMP field.
Grubs A truly ancient race that has seen the entire history of the galaxy, who are large maggot like creatures that travel in vast void warrens made of their own secretions. They are still primitive in mind and body, and are all but extinct aside from a hidden outpost known only to the Perimeter Institute.
Inhibitors A vast and unknown machine collective who apparently lies dormant and hidden across the entire galaxy, waiting for signs of intelligent life (as in TL5 tech or higher, everything else isn't the result of intelligence in their programming) to then awaken and exterminate it.