Kavanti are a race of aliens that sporadically appear from great gates of pale green light and raid nearby settlements on Sporelda before retreating back before serious opposition is brought to bear. The Kavanti are mostly humanoid, but are longer and thinner, with greyish-blue skin and solid white eyes. They move with a frighting speed and efficiency of movement, and mostly wear skin tight plasticized armor under very powerful force-fields. Beyond this there are no visible comparisons that can be made between each individual Kavanti, let alone between different tribes. They seem to have elevated surgery and cybernetics (both functional and aesthetic) to a fine art, and fully embrace it. They seems to prefer close quarters weapons, and attack humans with a massive joy and child like curiosity. Brutally taking humans apart and desecrating the remains with merry abandon

They also seem to have more primitive cousins on the nearby world of Atiya. These primitives are about half the size of their more advanced cousins, with grey leathery skin. They have rough stone tools and live off of microbial sponges and mosses. The local humans who live here do not interfere with the primitives, hoping not to bring down the wrath of the Kavanti from the other planet in system