Planet:Najla Edit

Nav Designation: Elephenor X

Atmosphere Breathable mix
Temperature Warm
Biosphere Human-miscible biosphere
Population Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants
Tech Level Tech Level 5. Pretech, pre-Silence tech.
Tags Feral World, Hostile Biosphere

Basic Information Edit

This world is a nightmare to be on for anyone but a native. Recovered data-cores from the dozens of massive Dreadnought Class Warship wrecks on the planet suggest that a war fleet from Sigrid was above this planet during the Scream, and crashed to the surface. The bridge and most of the engineering crew were wiped out, leaving gene-forged super warriors with implanted knowledge of how to maintain and use TL5 equipment. On this feral and wild world, it is not an uncommon sight to see a barbarian warlord drive a Grav-Tank over a hill and lead a force of power armored berserkers into battle with massive insectiod butcher beasts. After 600 years this technology should have broken down completely, even with the implanted memory patterns for maintenance, and as such outsiders sometimes foolishly try to get into the Strongholds of these feral tribes, hoping to find whatever machine is repairing them and creating new ones.

Party Activities on this World Edit