Nav Designation: Demertzis VI

Atmosphere Breathable mix
Temperature Burning
Biosphere Hybrid biosphere
Population Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants
Tech Level Tech Level 4. Baseline postech.
Tags Zombies, Hatred

Basic Information

This burning hot planets cities are all deep beneath the ground, carved out of the natural caverns and cave systems found here. While this is less expensive than above ground dome cities, it also has exposed the natives to what are called Eusa Crystals, which are a heavily psy-reactive crystal matrix naturally found here, which appear to be the bodies of ancient crystalline aliens that lived here. These beings were very Psionically gifted, and their remains are charged with this power. Nearly any Psychic power used on or around these crystals will cause them to com-bust, detonate or worse. If this wasn't bad enough, when shavings or filings from these crystals are inhaled, they take root in the lungs of its host and the former alien life-form begins to grow again and meld with the human host. They slowly grow more and more crystal like skin, appendages, and organs while the melding of minds sends both insane. These Infected almost always become violent, and attempt to infect more humans via a crystal proboscis they extrude from their mouth and use to pierce the lungs of others to inject more of these crystal shards into them. Despite their being a scientific explanation for these infected, all logic and reason flies out the window when locals hear about them, such is their rage at these infected they often have hunts to the lower levels to find, torture and kill these poor souls.

Party Activities on this World