Nav Designation: Gizikis VI

Atmosphere Breathable mix
Temperature Warm
Biosphere Immiscible biosphere
Population Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants
Tech Level Tech Level 4, Baseline Postech
Tags Misandry, Minimal Contact

Basic Information

This tropical paradise planet is considered to be one of the nicest places in the sector. The endless beaches are full of soft sand and gentle waves, the jungles are filled with strange and wonderful exotic plants, the seas are clear, blue and filled with vibrant life. The fact that it has an Immiscible biosphere is also a bonus, as it means that while all native food here is poisonous to humans, humans are poisonous to local predators and are pretty much left alone. With this massive natural beauty, it is only natural that the local government has placed a massive priority on environmental friendliness, and refuses all contact with outsiders unless they meet these incredibly high standards. Don't even ask about making a beach resort town either, that is a good way to be kicked off planet. The other odd thing about this planet is that somewhere in its past (no one really knows where), most traditional gender roles were reversed, and a large portion of their culture is full of various examples of Misandry.

Party Activities on this World