Nav Designation: Militis III

Atmosphere Breathable mix
Temperature Cold
Biosphere Immiscible biosphere
Population Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants
Tech Level Tech Level 4 w/ specialities / pretech.
Tags Gold Rush, Native Aliens

Basic Information

Sigrid is a very Norse Planet, so it should be considered no surprise the one TL5 equipment they can still make is any sort of melee weapon or armor. Here any melee weapon or armor can be bought for 10% off, as their smiths are proud of their work and freely give it away. The world is divided into many Holds, each of which is led by a Jarl and his council of Huscarls. Any dispute is settled by a duel between Jarls or Huscarls depending on the severity, but one which both sides are even in number and equipment. Recently this has become a big problem for outside interests, as they try to exploit large deposits of Gallium, Thorium and Lithium in the northern arctic reaches, as they are very valuable for computer components. As the locals are heavily against this, as they say it would upset the native Yaagh who live there, who are some sort of Psionically gifted aliens. Due to the severity of the claim, a Jarl must battle, and so the opposing company must put up its CEO, none of which have decided to battle a hardened viking warrior.

Party Activities on this World


Nav Designation: Militis VII

Atmosphere Airless / thin atmosphere
Temperature Warm
Biosphere Immiscible biosphere
Population Outpost
Tech Level Tech Level 3. 20th-century technology.
Tags Major Spaceyard, Tomb World

Basic information

Manisha was once a happily thriving TL3 world, until at some point in the past almost all of it's atmosphere dissipated. There is only a minor research presence on the planet, placed there by Richardson Scientific. In orbit however it is a different story, with the free orbital space now open in a very easy to access place, many different companies have put together large shipyards. So much construction is going on in space now, that there is regular space debris crashing to ground every 2-3 hours, causing massive damage where it hits. Due to the massive faclities here and how they can spend less on cleaning up their pollution, all ships or ship components (TL4 or lower) are at a 10% discount.

Party Activities on this World