Nav Designation: Donianzu IV

Atmosphere Corrosive and invasive atmosphere
Temperature Temperate
Biosphere No native biosphere
Population Tens of thousands of inhabitants
Tech Level Tech Level 5. Pretech, pre-Silence tech.
Tags Freak Weather, Theocracy

Basic Information

Puron is a bombed out nuclear wasteland, where the sky is constantly filled with thick rolling brownish green storm clouds, raining down acidic and radioactive waste. It surface is that of a crumbled and ruined city, which was destroyed during the Scream as its many fusion power plants went critical and detonated. There is no native life, as nothing natural can live here. However that is not to say that no one is around on its surface. Sealed in ancient vaults deep beneath the ground, protected by mad AI and their warbot slaves, there are treasures beyond imagination. Fully functional Nano-Forges, which when powered by a psychic and fed raw materials, can search their complete databases to construct fully functional TL5 technology. It is this reason that Magnus Combine, the largest company in the sector, has set up their headquarters above the planet in a gargantuan space fortress. This powerful mix of Military Robotics producer/researcher and PMC field tests its latest productions here, searching for more of the fabled Nano-Forges which launched them into their position of dominance today.

Magnus Combine employees here are the most fanatical of the corporations employees, and view Magnus Combine in an almost god like way, and there are allegations abound as to mind control.

Party Activities on this World