Nav Designation: Casald VIII

Atmosphere Inert gas
Temperature Warm
Biosphere Human-miscible biosphere
Population Outpost
Tech Level Tech Level 4. Baseline postech.
Tags Perimeter Agency, Psionics Academy

Basic Information

This small outpost is the only Psionics Academy to meet the pre-Scream standards for training of Psionics, both in safety and quality of training. This is due to a large cache of Perimeter Agency document computers that were found here. Built into a number of massive armored complex, and isolated from distractions, it was a perfect place to be founded. It is currently independently run by the L.C.P.C. (the Leonidis Council for Psychic Control), who's stated goal is to provide and promote safe psychic discipline and techniques.

In addition, this world is noted for reported sightings of mysterious black and smooth curved ships coming and going, vanishing into nowhere. These are mostly discarded as conjecture and silliness, but they have gone back for many centuries now.

Party Activities on this World