Planet:Mahmudi Edit

Nav Designation: Al-asmari VIII

Atmosphere Invasive, toxic atmospere
Temperature Warm
Biosphere Human-miscible biosphere
Population Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants
Tech Level Tech Level 4. Baseline postech.
Tags Freak Geology, Diplomatic Center

Basic Information Edit

The incredibly mountainous world of Mahmudi is a very Buddhist cultured world, and inside the heavily shielded domes there is calming and relaxing gardens and temples across the planet. People here take life slowly, never rushing and always trying to remain calm. Self discipline is key, and crime rates are very low due to how much these ideals are impressed upon people from a very young age. The citizens here see how their habitats calm interior is so radically different from the toxic, corrosive, mile high cliffs of outside as an apt metaphor for the condition of the sector beyond their home planet, and as such have set up one of the first Diplomatic Centers. It is a large and heavily secured space station in orbit above the planet, whose main negotiation room has a direct view of the toxic planet. The locals see this as a way to remind those visitors of the consequences of war while they negotiate settlements. Expert mediators train their entire lives here, and are actually quite successful in working out deals that leave both sides satisfied. The hard part is getting people to agree to negotiate in the first place.

Party Activities on this World Edit