Nav Designation: Metaneira IV

Atmosphere Breathable mix
Temperature Temperate
Biosphere Human-miscible biosphere
Population Billions of inhabitants
Tech Level Tech level 2. 19th-century technology.
Tags Warlords, Psionics Fear

Basic Information

In the bombed out ruins of this once prosperous city world, primitive warlords battle in a never ending war for the few areas of the planet still capable of productive farming. The only thing that unites these primitive warbands is their instinctive fear of all Psionics. They believe that these witches are responsible for the current state of the world, and get their powers from a variety of places such as Demon worship/possession, pacts with Satan, child sacrifice, voodoo witchery and more. When a Psychic is around, all will unite until they are dead. This perception probably comes from how Psychics on this world have little access to MES control medication, and are driven mad.

Party Activities on this World