Nav Designation: Negris VIII

Atmosphere Breathable mix
Temperature Cold
Biosphere No native biosphere
Population Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants
Tech Level Tech Level 4 w/ specialities / pretech.
Tags Local Specialty, Trade Hub

Basic Information

This cold and isolated world would be completely ignored except for its massive and complex orbital shipyards, which survived the Scream relatively intact. The company lucky enough t claim it, Villivakkam Shipyards, can often charge 15% less on all ships and ship components of any tech level. The planet below, governed by the Thora Agricultural Council who has inherited power from the rest of the collapsed government some time ago, has no stake in the ship yards and the people there spend almost all of their time working on the dome-farms required to keep them all alive.

The worlds culture is very traditional, and they still feel a strong connection to their Indian Roots. The caste culture is still strong, despite the many many centuries of separation. In addition to this however, they many people also have a fatalistic and angry attitude to space, and there is a growing movement to nationalize the shipyards.

Party Activities on this World