Planet: Bera

Nav Designation: Iphicus VI

Atmosphere Breathable mix
Temperature Temperate
Biosphere Immiscible biosphere
Population Alien civilization
Tech Level Tech Level 3. 20th-century technology.
Tags Exchange Consulate, Pilgrimage Site

Basic Information

Bera is a world completely coated in shallow seas (1-10 meters deep) and tiny islands (20m at the largest) heavily dotted around. On average one only needs to swim for 20 seconds in any direction before reaching a new land mass. These interconnected seas however are not pure water, and are in fact filled with billions upon billions of microscopic creatures that give it the fluid a slightly thicker consistency. These creatures are all networked with their neighbors, creating what is theorized to be a global neural net, a mind so large and vast it covers an entire planet. The Psionic power of this mind is immense, as Psychics that reach out to it are often severely harmed mentally and physically by the backlash. That is not to say it is without benefit to do this however, for some of those who have recovered from the damage and untangled the truly bizarre and alien imagery left in their mind have come to understand and explain great leaps in our understanding of how the universe works and its history. The most notable case of this was one Richardson Berkly, founder of Richardson Scientific and the man who re-discovered the Spike Drive a few years after the Scream.

Additionally, do not bring any TL4 or above gear to this world that you care about, for the Bera-Mind (Its a work in progress name that never got better with time) has a habit of breaking it when they come in contact. Why this is so is unknown, but the Bera-Mind is theorized to be Billions of years old and more intelligent than all of humanity combined, despite its glacial thought pace, so it must have some reason. The massive Exchange Headquarters overhead will be happy to sell you more equipment however.

Party Activities on this World


Nav Designation: Iphicus VIII

Atmosphere Breathable mix
Temperature Temperate
Biosphere Human-miscible biosphere
Population Outpost
Tech Level Tech Level 4. Baseline postech.
Tags Radioactive World, Sealed Menace

Basic Info

This bombed out nuclear hell-hole apparently wiped itself out a few weeks after the Scream. Now it is a testing ground for Magnus Combine gear. They set up month long War Games here, both training for troops and testing for new equipment in an incredibly hostile and violent enviroment

Conspiricy theorists also note extremely high casualties, strange wound patterns on those hospitalized and the lack of admittance to the worlds surface as proof of something more going on, but what that is varies wildly based on who you ask.

Party Activities on this World