Just as a note and to ease bookkeeping, factions will only be entered here if they are big enough to be relevant to the sector at large

Company/Criminal Factions

Lets face it, in this sector the only difference between the two is a good PR department

Faction Name
Magnus Combine
Richardson Scientific
Omnitech Unlimited
Sunbeam Enterprises
Panstellar Band
Alencar Pact
McDonald Pact
Chatagni Clan
Navigators Guild

Religious Factions

Often these are offshoots or changes of older religions, but every now and then a completely new organization can pop up

Faction Name
Church of the Holy Trinity
Holy Family Ideologists
The New Prophet Movement
Cult of the Static Between Worlds

Legitimate Governments

Nearly every planet has one, but these don't really matter in the grand scheme of things unless they have control over more than one planet, and guess what, none of them do right now