Dreadnaught Edit

Early Life Edit


Dreadnaught was born in Deicoon. His father was a hardened man and a career criminal. His mother was a house wife. His brother Raymond was kidnapped by a rival gang while he was with Burgundy. After his father payed the ransom and Raymond was not returned, Burgundy was blamed and was almost killed in a violent confrontation with his father. Burgundy got the upper hand during the fight and killed his father. After finding out about this his mother took her own life. Not knowing what to do as his entire family was taken from him, Burgundy left Deicoon on a Free Merchant ship looking for a new home.

Magnus Combine Edit

Burgundy had taken the name Dreadnaught, to remember his first kill and never forget where he came from. He joined up with the Magnus Combine hoping to make a quick buck but ended up joining full time. Rising quickly in the ranks Dreadnaught was soon assigned his own squad to command and a new title of Sergeant. On his first mission with his new squad, Dreadnaught's orders were completely ignored and he had to storm the fort alone. After killing almost everyone in the compound by himself, all that remained was the leader. Luring him out onto the top floor into a den of armed grenades Dreadnaught just barely escaped with his life. Upon returning to Magnus he resigned his position due to a "lack of balls" with new grunts. He left Magnus with all the money he had made while working there and had enough to buy a Free Merchant ship which was used for his mercenary work.

Captaining Edit

After taking a mercenary job on Akil, Dreadnaught required the help of a technician who could make ship repairs. This is how Dreadnaught met Scruffy, first mate and head engineer. After recruiting Scruffy with a promise of "credits, adventure, and not having to do a lot of work" Dreadnaught continued his mercenary work when he was summoned to Rekha by a member of the royal family, Vasya. He was hired to look after Vasya, Artyom, Ivan, and Evgani. Lot's of things happened during their adventures together but almost all information has become unavailable for unknown reasons. The current whereabouts of Dreadnaught are unknown.